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Lightning Temple
So i have purchased LT, The star rate is the same as a regular map, the exp is unchanged and there are no drops from the mobs(which is standard in LT but the latter 2 points make this utterly pointless.)

The map is completely useless to a Lvl 80 as you aint going to be killing those LT bosses unless you get Plvld in which you would need to be fully potted for to even hit, No information provided about the map being standard in terms of star rate and exp gain. What is the point in this map, besides a premium boss hunting area?

There will be 2 sides to this argument but i cannot justify paying money to enter this map, This is a Pandora server rip and in such this place should have remained unchanged or a warning provided in the notes of the LT ticket.

If information was give this post would not exist and id of just bought an RC ticket.

Ive opened this in general as i would like to discuss this with you all what you think should happen to this map?

If you think it should remain unchanged, should they add a warning for older players and maybe increase the level of entry?

I will be requesting a refund on the ticket, destroyed for and RC if possible.

Ill leave it open at that.
Your LT has been exchanged for RC

Happy Hunting
Thank you very much.

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