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New thing's...
Any new update? 
We grind our stuff for??? for grind more stuff

We need any new updates for PVP

something like Big war per 3 day's?

Respawn bosses in random location and killing him, give a small guild bonus? 

This game is rip, i wanna some PVP fun, but nobody here for that.. 
since 10 month's ago.. trying WAR with everybody guild, but nobody want (waste pots)
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If this game is "RIP", then why do you still play it?

You only get on, when an event is toggled on, and that's pretty much your ingame story.

Otherwise, we may still put you in admin's place, and we'll see how you'll handle all the coding problems related to korean code.

GG polish MOAR MOAR ASR 134#$!$#!$#!$#!!111ONEOENEone

Privately I enjoy the game, that has been closed, and someone let us play the game that we used to love - again. But it's probably not any of your intention, nor it's not a server for you.
Im too love this game, but my goal in this game is FUN WITH PVP. this Does not exist.

Im still trying play, bcs i belive this game can give me fun.
-Grinding stuff for grinding better stuff and more more more.. its not cool
Next event? MORE GRIND.

When i try'ing 10 month's ago any war with every guild, nobody want bcs NEED POTS FOR MORE LEVELS.
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PvP is a community issue. This game has good PvP mechanics but we cant force people to PvP you.
I can PvP you, but your not going to like it.
We also cant force people to sell you GO points and we cant just give away pots. The server needs revenue, bandwidth is not free.
Pots can be obtained for free by spending time grinding for purple bags and there is an NPC that sells pots.

This game is a lot like life. You have three kinds of people. There are the elite that work hard and rise to the top.
There are the middle who work hard but struggle to raise up. Then you have the people at the bottom that don't work hard and want everything handed to them.
No surprise they are at the bottom. Everyone here is an adult and can afford GOs if they choose to do so.

Players often give us great ideas but we are confined by the game mechanics and content of the client.
We do however have a few tricks up our sleeves that we will roll out in the new year.

As for events, not every event suits every player. We try and provide variety and great things will not just rain from the sky.
The current event is a small event we put together before the next large Christmas event.
Since people seem to need a blueprint for events, let me lay it out for you.

For noobs we have provided previously unavailable content to compliment kiji sets:
Dragon Set
Phantom Set
Supreme Set

For fame lovers we have Fame Tags

For the elite there are jade manuals to convert SSX to jades for use with samstone manuals from the last event

If none of this is useful to you then this event is not for you

Any magicians that can balance past, present, future without upsetting the community or can reverse engineer the client to add all these amazing ideas.
Come see me. Your hired.

(11-17-2017, 05:21 PM)Phantom Wrote: This game has good PvP mechanics but we cant force people to PvP you.
Big Grin
Here I was feeling tired and a bit down and then I come across this gem. Literally almost bursted laughing out loud. If you think MH has, or ever had good PVP mechanics, then you have been playing completely different game.

Lemme explain how PVP works in MH 99% of the time:

1) If you crit first you win.
2) Battle ends

This problem is not limited to BMH though. That's how it always used to be.. There is virtually no strategy, no timing, no skill chaining or anything interesting involved. Get that UI set, get a tab and hit someone.. anyone. They might survive first hit even if you crit, but most certainly will not survive second successive crit. The whole battle will last for 5 seconds and generally who ever hit first wins.

Debuffs? Pointless - you'd be better off using that time to deal more damage
Stuns? Pointless - they will not work every time and the target is dead in 2 hits anyway
Poison? Pointless - does next to no damage

Only if you are too weak to deal any meaningful damage should any of the above be even considered. They wont help you much tho. You will be dead in one hit.
Things get real exciting tho when it comes to GW. That's where you have some actual strategy in game: you get to decide who spams 1k herbs.. it's super exciting trust me.
(11-20-2017, 03:21 PM)wannabe Wrote: Debuffs? Pointless - you'd be better off using that time to deal more damage
Stuns? Pointless - they will not work every time and the target is dead in 2 hits anyway
Poison? Pointless - does next to no damage

Plot twist : Sky is blue and MH has always been shet
[Image: giphy.gif]
Perhaps I used the wrong term "mechanics". What I meant is unlike other games of the time, MH has many pvp options for player interaction.
I do agree that the mechanics of pvp are terrible. Do you have any suggestions as to how we could make it better?
Maybe if(pvp) damage /= 2;
Feel free to drop me any ideas for improvement on the pvp mechanics. Unlike most ideas that involve the client, this would be server sided and
therefor totally possible.

Happy Hunting
I think the problem starts with the game design itself, and it always felt like it was never really built with PVP in mind to begin with. I'm not sure which all steps would be required to make it more interesting and balanced. Reducing pvp damage however might help the situation a little bit.
Reducing pvp damage is FIRST THING what need change, and remove pots from player vs player....

If no. this game still no sense grind simulator =)

happy hunting
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