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Anniversary Event
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

BMH Anniversary

It's been a wild ride since the inception of BrightMH, full of ups and downs.

One thing that never changed though is your support for the game we all love.

Now is the time to show our support, just as you have shown us yours.

From now until December, we're giving you the chance to become rich and famous.

Give it your all and make a name for yourself in the Empire of Martial Heroes!

Kind Regards, the BMH Team
Good morning! So are there any more details for the event? I am really looking forward to it Smile

See you in game!
Feel the chill of despair~
[Image: league-of-legends-champion-reveal-review....png?w=600]
That sounds sweet but what kind of event is it? Hope you'll put some more information out soon ^^

[Image: gJG5tTd.png]

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