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Reset / second server
Hello Imsofat here, what about reseting all the game and start from zero or making second server like it was with Pandora and Karma? The game is boring when everyone is 130+ and 80% players just left playing BMH. My suggestions:
- so much smaller drop (especially ups)
- no pots for starting to make this game harder
- DL mobs giving much exp

What do you think
I agree with you
I like this
One of the worst suggestions ever. You work hard to level up only to have it all taken away? You can't get back the countless hours spent on leveling, so a reset would essentially be stealing your time.

I have a better suggestion: git gud
i disagree with restart
wannabe , dont you cry u lvled up 144 with help of a certain person as player MrWizzard

Delete your character and create a new - and play again if you are bored .
[Image: 47501_445611375482338_733302061_n.jpg?oh...e=58A651C1]
It's not the same to delete and create a new charakter because the economy in the current game is destroyed.
And you will give back to people all their money that was spended for MHP on this server?
[Image: 47501_445611375482338_733302061_n.jpg?oh...e=58A651C1]
(11-03-2017, 12:00 PM)Untro Wrote: wannabe , dont you cry

I'm not crying. I'm pointing out people here have been playing day in day out to get where they are at. If you prefer to have all your progress taken away from you, then you may do as suggested: delete your character.
wanna server reset? just delete char and play again
well ok but most of the players the game itself without the help of the higher realms (wannabe and MrWizzard)
(11-03-2017, 01:16 PM)Untro Wrote: well ok but most of the players the game itself without the help of the higher realms (wannabe and MrWizzard)

Your trolling does not even warrant a response.

This has nothing to do with me after all. A reset would affect everyone and quite frankly I see it as a really bad suggestion. Equally I don't see another server as solution either. With so few active players remaining, it would be detrimental to split the community into multiple instances.
also if there would be wipe and all mhp returned to players,noone would buy mhp anymore=no income = no money to pay for server

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