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Direct Play
Hello BMH peepz,

I found a way to have less errors or DC's while herbing or vending as many have trouble with these,

1st option : go to Configuration screen> User accounts > Programs > Turn on or off Windows parts > Old parts > Check directplay.

#This is for Windows 10, This allows you to use older Direct X, Frame work and C++ packs.

2nd option : LAN.

#LAN cable connection can also make a diffrence, But that's for every game. <3

3rd option : Restarting the game before vending or herbing also helps often. (Not 100% gauranteed)

4th option : It also helps if you don't let any other program overlap, Overlapping or pausing the game = insta dc.

Hope this solve your problems.


Greetz XiaoHuoDun

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