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skill pick monk :)

GoldpandA here,
just wondering if i F'd up again,(see screen below)
i still have my reset pot 36-80, just looking for adivce on either AoE rod/ or mad farming with Wheel,
( / doesnt really do it for me, but also for meteor i need PB consuctive attack)
i used to be wheel, kinda like rod now Angel  .

the key is i just wanna go mad at red/mid castle on my Gold carped tubo horse! either rod or wheel
i do like buffs :x

so i hope you guys have suggestions on how to succeed since i dont want to miss out points on higher level,
it would be nice if you just screenshotted your skill page like below. 

Character level: 80
[Image: 9uyj3l.png]


last common + atk buff, then w8 for second page skills
The Finishing blow passive, and the PS offense upgrade?
and at rod-2 what you recommend?

at low lvl it doesnt matter which skills you would take from second page - take main and other aoe. At 110 use banno, take only second page which main skill and 2x aoe. and atk buff ofc.

From common gg f.b.u

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