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Fan Mage Stun
Can someone explain to me how the fan mage stun actually works? Sometimes I'll use it and it will stun, other times not, bosses seem to be immune to it if you miss your first stun. I'm actually an old player of MH and I remember a state where the fan stun actually did what it says it would. At the end of the MH cycle I think I remember it being bugged just like this. I don't think it should really be this way, or should be coded better because it seems to glitch out sometimes and have a 0% percent chance of stunning for several mins (which for the most part of MH it actually had a 100% success rate and I think a low stun duration).
It's 100% vs normal mobs, has chance to stun bosses and players.

No target is immune to it(except players that have maximum amount of buffs)
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What about the monk rod-2 skill "use holy power to supress enemy"

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