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[Image: Ou9R2gRm2ritKTHH]
[Image: yaiUUOUEypZFzvwm]

[Image: 3MRREtqgNo6rUbnN]

[Image: gTVelztRKkExGHyr]

Anyone over level 36 can create it for 1 gold. No limits on level, fame, joining, or leaving.
BANG Master can decide the name of the guild. (Guild mark not provided)

[Image: UV4miK0T8jJpVdw3]

MUN Master must be over level 48 with 4000 fame. It costs 100 gold to create the guild. You can organize MUN Master's power give away' and 'Fixing position'.

You are also given 'guild mark' and 'donation' functions related to guild functions. You can be part of guild war.
You can take strongpoint of the area and hold position. [Image: spacer.gif]

Specific functions
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM]
When you're wearing MUN's shoulder pad, other faction attack damage and player damage for PVP is increased.

[Image: RL8DgL3RgNz8ZHLh]

PA functionality and ability are increased from MUN. PA can occupy other karma without the location of strongpoint. And change name of the position

Specific functions
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] When you wearing PA's Shoulder pad, other faction attack damage and player damage for PVP is increased.

[Image: AC2UzLEKQpZxa4jU]

[Image: R0zKRMSNhuqikNuC]

DAN is a military force kind. Joining is available with no Lawful/Evil limits. DAN guilds can have up to 12 members.

Specific functions

[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] DAN Members were force symbols at the place of item purse. (Increase 5% attack, increase 5% life)
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] DAN Master can ask for cape which will be worn in game.

[Image: YiwwOMue9Q8UVVnw]

GAK is a smaller group than regular guilds made for a specific purpose. Only Evil players can open. Can not join wars related to guilds. (Area war/Guild war/Great guild war)

Specific functions

[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] A contract murder : Individual can point out specific person and contract murder.
    For this, gold is needed and minimum requested amount exists according to the level.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] Robbery(Not available) : GAK can rob item/grave stone/area/ if other guild requests.
    When robbing, function/item/area, it goes back to the guild which requested.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] GAK guilds can not declare war, but other guilds can declare war on GAK guilds.

[Image: vOtEgqWOxDBLmPH6]

KYO has religious personality. KYO receives qualification upon completion of quest and gaining the Holy Treasure.
KYO must swear blood oath and for this an item is needed. Original way of leaving is not available.

Specific functions
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] KYO has 3% more attack power level up than other guild members. (a fanatic)

[Image: sMUxQowDV0u6Gl2q]

GUNG is very closed and arbitrary group. GUNG is a special guild type.

Specific functions

[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: igTHFNHcoEZ4FfSM] Each GUNG Member is changed to the same class as the GUNG master.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
When you join GUNG, you must reset your stats and skills.
When you leave or are kicked from guild, you will revert to your original class.
(ex) If you were warrior, and you join a GUNG whose master is a monk, you will be changed to the monk class.
But If you leave or are kicked from the guild, you will be back to warrior.

[Image: hOOo1UPIRCZDrwBD]

According to guild type and position, cap's designs can be changed. Mun master can choose from 3 different kinds of colors.

[Image: bXXz25Y.png]

[Image: 0ZLs7ToZwzv0nWjW]

[Image: KAZ8rQFqJMWtmcUC]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF] According to the build condition and Ability of Guild Master, Guild has the structure above.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF] According to Guild types, the register number will be limited and Guild member's out shape will be changed.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF] But, Dan, KYO, GAK, and GUNG for special guild have a basic function and exist a special build condition.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: uI3z0hQEmrOGErIj]

[Image: gi6Gete.png]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  You can create guild from Jinwang NPC
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF] If you don't have any faction, you can't create guild.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF] Guild faction is decided by guild creator's faction (Lawful or Evil)
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: GwoUW6rYZuzonabx]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF] Only the Guild's MUN master can disband guild.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF] After disbanding guild, MUN master and guild member lose some fame.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  You can disband guild from Jinwang NPC
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  If MUN master disbands guild, all guild members will be expelled automatically
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: mun_dotline.gif]
If you disband guild during the war, MUN master and all members will lose some fame. Additionally, you can't create or join guilds for a few days.

[Image: G0prqFE.png]

[Image: pfVf4vIuLCoYAWJx]

[Image: YS5t2nz.png]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Guild upgrade can be possible from MUN to PA
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  For Upgrading guild, guild should meet all conditions
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: jNkNCYhrLayJPRyV]

[Image: uO6IwvJ.png]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  BANG doesn't have any condition to join and quit.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Guild Entrance will be permitted by Guild Master and Sub Guild Master.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  If Guild Master gives "Guild Entrance's authority" to a Guild member, the guild member can give the status of Guild Entrance.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Guild Entrance doesn't have any condition by Character class.[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Guild Gold will be reduced over PA Status of Entrance
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  If you register KYO guild, you need special item Bloody Promise. If you register GUNG guild, you need special item Hokyo Treasure.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: HwKxfMpgedzy0lE2]

[Image: keek4fi.png]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Guild members can leave guild, and they can be withdrawn by Mun master and sub master as as well.
     If Guild master gives "Guild Entrance's authority" to a Guild member, the guild member can be withdrawn by him.

[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Mun master can't leave guild without entrust to other guild member.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  In Guild, low position guild member can't be withdrawn higher position member than him.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  If Guild member has a "Recruiting authority", can not withdrawn himself from guild.[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  When Guild member leave or withdrawn guild, he will lose some fame.[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: mun_dotline.gif]
Guild member leave or withdraw during war, they cannot create and join guild for a while.

[Image: MQpBSEL.png]

[Image: GWSLfBuD6XTO3RmY]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Guild names only support English, and you can't change name again.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  You can use guild name Min 4 characters ~ Max 16 characters in English.[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Special characters not supported as a guild name. And you can't use same guild name which already existed.[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: mCRNKnvnd1getpmJ]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  A character who joined guild, can have guild mark. (From MUN step can use guild mark)[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  There are two kind of guild marks.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: X9ImqLecGiCT2SOZ]

[Image: tQF8KX8.png]
BANG can't get guild mark.

[Image: XvapVTrd94OQR4p4]

[Image: A6tWPep.png]

[Image: EMV41TmbRTkc6ETu]

[Image: 3dxbfXL.png]

[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  Any MUN guild member can donate to guild own gold and fame.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  If you donate more than 10 gold or 1000 fame at once, your contribution will be increased 1 point.[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  If you want to upgrade your guild grade, you need guild gold and fame like down table.[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

[Image: 8NhXxcI.png]
If you donate your gold and fame, you can't get back, and It can be used entrance, war, produce and investment.
(Even if you are Guild master, you can't take guild gold)

[Image: WfL178rXkx0cVyrq]
[Image: 2LER8mVkHIgYo4EF]  If you donate more than 10 gold or 1000 fame at once, your contribution will be increased point as much as guild score.
     Guild score can be plus or minus through various wars.
[Image: 9R29GKabLCgaZvgI]

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