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Stacking pots we all use
I see no reason why we shouldnt be able to stack up to say, 1000 pots for health and mana. I mean when you first make a character they come that way! why should i have to take up the entire first page of inv and then some only on pots. Big Grin
good idea.
when making 9999 mana 9999 heal pots in npc
we have more space in inventory.

NOTE : BOSS need manuel patch. i cant play when try upgrade.
last manuel patch bmh0050
This would be wonderful!
Yeah even if it was just 1000 per stack, it would greatly benefit us who like to stack up on pots before grinding it out for long periods of time.
Multiple topics on this one exist already. Browse the forum.
Not possible.
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Game client can stack even more than 1k per cell.

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