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my acc   tranbao405  and tranbao45 , lost char and itmes ,  about 7 mont , from event get est  ...get 1000 gold . stone chance  of all  char . i have  gold , kji c set  . set neck ...  from event , and now  so long times  i log  , my char from 2 acc lost . my items lost  .  please help me back . please check data  of server and give back to me  . please
I reviewed your complaint after you talked to me ingame.
Your accounts are very old, most of your characters are very new.
On one character I found items dating back to the Christmas Event.

We have had zero other complaints about deleted characters or items.
My guess is either someone had your login and maliciously deleted them or you have so many accounts that you are confused.

We have no records of account data dating back that far and are unable to restore your alleged deleted data.

Furthermore you posted this in 3 forum sections. I deleted the other 2.

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