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GMH Re-Application: Siniroth
1. In-Game Name: 
2. Age: 
3. Country: 
4. Language(s): 
5. Length of time played: 
Since before the game was called D.O.
6. Why do you want to become a GMH?
To help others that are seeking advice or help, answer inquiries, and to help be the medium between the players and the GMs for problem solving or bug reporting.
7. Why should we pick you over anyone else?
Was a GMH previously back in December of 2016, had to retire because the computer i had at the time lacked any performance, and even running MH, as old as it is,was a strain on it, and i like to multitask in terms of gaming. Such as playing league + path of exile at the same time, or even have MH Running while playing League of legends, tabbing over quickly to check on messages and whatnot. However, my tax check finally came after having to do a Injured Spouse Claim, took forever, but I was finally able to upgrade my archaic notebook into a Palladium Cybertron with FAR better specs. I can run League, PoE, and MH, and WoW all at the same time, so i thought it was high time to reapply. 
Now i know the spots are already filled and GMH application are closed, but i did notice VaGo and Agachak have been gone since the middle of March, and thought you might want an extra helping hand again.
8. Additional comments (if any): 
See the textbook i wrote under 6.

Garona CritBowSin
OverfedLeeSin Upgrader.

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