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Can't Start Game - Create Window Error

I have an error when I press start game from the launcher (Attached)

I tried all the resolutions possible. I'm on windows 7 64 bits (It's a VM).

I have installed the c++ redistribuables and the framework. (Attached)

I launched the game (Bright MH .exe) as administrator but it doesn't work either.

The log files (Attached)

Can anyone help me please ?

I updated DX11 too. I did all the updates available.

Thank you for your time ! Smile

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Try not using VM to run it?
I don't know what is the problem ,but you can give a try.
[Image: 1yUGqwC.png]
My game keeps crashing in windows 10. I've tryed everything that is recommended in the forum but i keeps crashing.
In case of VMWare, you should install VMWare tools for VGA support and check in "Accelerate 3D Graphics" at "VM cumputer name"/Settings/Display.

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