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add high exp server
as it is private server, for GM nothing is impossible. i would suggest  to add one more server in there with high exp. coz i know y this game really didn't last long in original was due to the slow lvling and some other stuff .

in game i see many high level players. they are the true Martial heroes. but not every one have enough time to enjoy this game like them and i think every MH lovers have rights to enjoy.

i played this game long ago i think 20 years back. even at this age of 33 i still like this game but i am still a noob but true lover of this game
More XP = yes please!
just adjust the mobs xp on sz , that will change the way people are lvling Smile

155 or 173 doesnt matter , it's few million xp difference

the difference it's that 173 mobs are harder to kill while 155 die in 2-4 hits ( if you're full potted ofc )

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