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Exp 142+
hello GM, Players

GM can you change exp for 142+ ? but we can exp only with run boss at SZ ... at 142 1 run boss make +/- 15% and at 143 you make 3 - 4 % +/-, if you miss boss you don't exp, if you don't play all day and all hours you don't exp and don't up, and us pay SZ ticket for no exp... free money. so can u change exp with mob pls? 
exp with only run boss is ugly, and if you hit 144 after is really uggly the exp and if you don't change all player leave the game... 
but for now, for exp you 143 to 144 if you hit all run boss you need 2 - 3 week for lvl up :x .
I do not ask fast up ... just change exp with mob pls for normal pt no only run boss... 

That would be unfair for that ppl who made 144 already. At mobs on 14 you would get +/-10% solo aoe or pvp pt, at 143 that would be 1%.
It doesn't matter if it's fair or not... I think the main focus should be to keep ppl playing... And if you are honest, tell my why you don't level anymore?

if you check the Top 30, you can count on one hand how many ppl still playing... And the major Problem is the missing "End-Game-Content". This could be solved with a Adjustment of Exp.
If the GM could do that then they would have fixed the issue with mobs not giving any exp after lvl 50.
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GM look top 30 in website and look player connected... need change it or all player can stop the game Confused
look for up 143 to 144 for now you can only exp with run boss, 1 run boss = 3% (if you have exp tag C and buff exp)/ 1run boss per 4hrs if you can only take 1 run boss per day you need +/- 40 days for up 144 and you need buy 2 Sz Ticket and 40 exp C ! it's expensive ! ...
I think if you don't change ... the end of game coming soon.

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