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FoReVeR5 Shop / 商店 (Updated: 21/4/17)
Welcome to FoReVeR5 Shop (Updated: 21st April 2017)

Newbie here and trying to sell some random stuffs  Big Grin

Selling Items:
1) Water Bead+1 (blue-hp) x10 ---- sell or trade with white bead or green bead
2) Fire Bead+1 (Red-Offensive) x5  ---- sell or trade with white bead or green bead
3) Earth Bead+1 (Black-defensive) x5  ---- sell or trade with white bead or green bead
4) CNY Fire Crackers (+25% Fame) x1 
5) Bunt Leaf x1
6) Catalyst x71
7) 72 set life ring x2, 72 br (w) x1
8) 8Point Lee x10
9) 8Point Gon X2
10) 8Point Tae x1
11) 8Point Gun x1
12) 8Point Gan x1
13) 8Point Sun x1
14) Soulbead Piece x3
15) 132 set br (A) x1 (K) x2
16) 132 set ring x1
17) Kiji C Ja Manual (K) x1, (M) x1---- sell or trade with kiji C (K) cap
18) Kiji C Pa Manual (A) x1 ---- sell or trade with kiji C (K) cap
19) Kiji J Cape Manual (A) x1, (M) x1
20) Kiji J Pa Manual (W) x1, (K) x1
21) Kiji J Ja Manual (K) x1  sold 
22) Banno Pots x4
23) Transform Pot (SYx2), (Sx3), (Sy x3), (L x1), (LY x2), (Ly x3)
24) Special Potion (damage taken convert into mana recovery x5), (2h Max life +200 x2), (2h Max Mana +200 x3), (2h 30% Exp x1), 
25) Faction Pot (B) x 2
26) Exp tag (K) x1
27) Gold Carp x2  sold
28) Tae Stone (A) x1, (M) x2 ---- sell or trade with Tae Stone (K)
29) Tae Pot x1
30) 84 bag +life x1
31) 84 bag +stamina x1
32) 96 bag +mana x1
33) Mahyeol Letter x2, Chunhyen Letter x1
34) Choroo Water x1
35) General of Blood x1

Buying Items:

Payment Method
For selling
- Dealing with Gold: Reply or PM me your offer with IGN, if offer is accepted, I will directly cargo to your character.
- Dealing with MHP/items exchange: PM me in forum/game and we will discuss a time to meet in game for trading

For buying
- Dealing with Gold: Directly cargo me the items

Thanks for shopping with me.
[Image: 1yUGqwC.png]
[Image: 1yUGqwC.png]
Updated on 10/4/17 Cool
[Image: 1yUGqwC.png]
Updated on 21/4/17
[Image: 1yUGqwC.png]

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