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Just wanted to say thanks :)
To the owner of Bright Martial Heroes

I've been playing BMH for about 5 days now, but thanks for bringing this awesome game back Big Grin

This game makes me feel like I'm a 10 year old boy again, the loading screen music, the character selection music, the mobs, the items and everything else just makes me love this game more than any other game.

So just thank you for bringing a huge smile on my face every time I launch Bright Martial heroes  Big Grin
a true MH lover.
we almost all are here for nostalgia  Heart
[Image: 46d90a23a6814c1c8a5e1b7cd951c394.jpg]     [Image: 4c576393ce5098353a1311c32a5bf4ec.jpg]
IGN: Fan4Fun
Class: Fan Mage => Bow Assassin
im thinking exact the same thing, we are a family i love you guys T_T

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