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Trading idea

Just a few ideas:

Ingame trading market for players to advertise what they want to sell and how much G/MHP, then other players can look and trade if they want. It would save all the shouts and give a place for all the 1000's cotton, relic stone, and whatever else you need to sell, with the G/MHP going straight into the players account. It would be quicker and easier then shouting, waiting, meeting or going to vv everytime you want to buy something. 

Increase inventory slots from 100-250?
increase gold limit for trading

just my thoughts
yeah.. like an auction system. I suggested this back in the official times of MH.. but I think it is too much coding in this to get it done. don't put your hopes in this now.
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Exactly like an auction, the coding did cross my mind it would be a mammoth task to undertake. What do the coders think?
I think he wants to say you are free to code that.
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It would be nice yes...realistic....Idk

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