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Its time to game over?
Then at 50 and having played all the earlier servers... I must be ancient =)
Indubitably!!! But you're still cool bud lolol
Hello everyone,
I only found this re-booted version of Martial Heroes yesterday and found myself filled with excited nostolgia. I remember playing D.O with a few mates from high school back in 05 or maybe 2006 and we used to party at Bokho temple and spent alot of hrs at Gyrong. My point being what i think made this game addictive and memorable was the harder leveling at lower lvls and enjoying those levels. I can remember when lvl 48 was high and 60 god like with the yellow warrior gear.  When making your own +3 set for your lvl 40 and thinking it was a great achievement. 

This is just my opinion and memory.
I remember those days. I also remember spending hours in DL, trying to lvl up; and keeping an eye on the mini map for the potential pk mofos Big Grin
I was sin back then and always went in hide when some blue point appearing on minimap.
Yes it was fun back then; but the lvl cap was not 160. The game started in 2006, I think, and the lvl cap couldn't be more then 100, probably even lower since I don't remember having tibet map. The only lvling map was DL.

So the point is.. it was harder to lvl at low levels because no high lvl mobs available; no warfare pots. Upgrade system was different and the drop for upgrades was lower. The max upgrade was +9 but hard to get and you had 3 types of upgrades (small for +1~+3, medium for +4~+6 and high for +7~+9). So.. it was hard to make high grade sets. Everything was different, but overtime, eventually.. the game changed in how it is now.
Don't be disappointed; the 144+ features are very enjoyable as well.
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Class: Fan Mage => Bow Assassin
kamil881 and b4ndit warned.
Official language is English, keep polish in polish section.
Got questions? Need to talk to BMH staff?
There is always someone online on:
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Yes Pericol I agree with everything you've said, I think the highest lvl player when I started was 81 and I don't believe there was any mh points. When you missed hitting an opponent the Korean word flashed up- I'm assuming it's the Korean word for 'miss'. I would love to be as carefree and able to devote the hrs to play mh as I did those 10-12yrs ago but unfortunately with my 50hr working weeks, my 4yr old daughter and wife I can just manage to play a bit of guitar and maybe some tv show. Mh reminds me of a lover, it can be immensly sastisfying but requires alot of time and effort.
I quit this server a long while ago cuz everyone got +11 sets easily and nothing was like rare anymore..
Now im back and gonna check how its running and i hope its stable now and there is a equal gameplay for everyone

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