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[Update] [2016-03-17] Short server patch
Haia, short update logs:

Merging beads,
fix3d inventory item removal action,
fix3d dupe bug throught restacking item (thx banned AreN rip 2016),
fixed mobs spawning in the tombs,
quests with receivable will be now properly finished,
shrinked character packet size from 600 bytes down to 132.

[Addon: 2016-03-18]:

Fixed mobs frozen state.
Now, the pot consumption has been disabled for the Safe Areas.

Regards. Cool

P.S.: For those that are still asking - yes, there'll be a wipe when we'll move from OBT to Stable [remember that we'll get there, when the server will look as it should #taxStones, #rb etc], and yes. All the GO Points, that you've bought during OBT will be returned on your account with Stable release.

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