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Boss Locations (Maps)
Bosses, Drops, and their Locations. 
Certain mobs in BrightMH have significantly higher health pools that others do.
These mobs are known as Bosses
•Bosses that are Level 105 or higher have access to an ability that deals a significant amount of damage
For example: The 105 Boss in deadlands will hit a MAGE with Level 100 Gear for around 1500 Damage.
This ability of theirs can be spammed, making it crucial to bring 300 HP Potions in bulk.

•All Bosses will drop set items depending on their levels
The following information describe what level ranges drop what set items

 •Level 12-23    : Chujeoksu
 •Level 24-35    : Jeokjeokma
 •Level 36-47    : Pyopongsu
‡•Level 48-59    : Hwaengheonma
‡•Level 60-71    : Anata
 •Level 72-83    : Dangjyangja
 •Level 84-95    : Lightning
 •Level 96-107  : Mana
 •Level 108-119: Bakepal
 •Level 120-131: Blizzard
 •Level 132+     : Flame

‡ Reports of Hwaengheonma Set items dropping from Lev60 Bosses, Will need further testing, would prefer Screenshots!

Apart from having higher quality loot, often Armor/Accessory/Weapon Up Ores and their SSO/W/C Counterparts,
Bosses that are Level 60 or higher have a chance of dropping Kijinibo (C) Gear.
•Kijinibo (J) and Kijinibo © Gear have Level 1 Requirements, and lack stat requirements, making them wearable by any character, provided the gear is for their class
•Kijinibo J and Kijinibo C have vastly different stats.
• J Focuses primarily on having Defense.
• C Focuses on sacrificing a little bit of that Defense for an increased amount of Offense
Example: the Hat usually has around 30 Defense if its J, and if its C itll have around 24 Defense and about 20 Offense
***Numbers aren't exact, but the message is clear, C includes Defense AND Damage, J only has Defense***

The Following is credited to VegaZ and Shockwave for writing down what Boss Levels drop Kijinibo C Gear:
•Level28: Jacket
•Level60: Shoes
•Level75: Caps
•Level81: Capes
•Level91: Bracers
•Level105: Shoes
•Level125: Pants
•Level127: Jacket

The Following is roughly where to find each of these Bosses, Credits to DemonIssi:

Level 18 Hwangbang
North of Ruined V. Graveyard, West of the Docks. Also around the Ruined V. Mine. 
Slightly larger than the other fisherman.

Level 28 Ilsin Temple Founder
Around Ilsin Temple (Near Bokho)There are SEVERAL Spawn points, around 8+ and all can be up at the same time. 
Look for a Yellow-Clothed member of the temple.

Level 36 Ox T. Founder
 Northwest of GuRyong V. Mine, and outside each Factions Cave. 
Looks like a floating ox-skull wearing sage with a staff floats above the ground,

Level 40 Red Ox Warrior / Ox Warrior : 
Red Ox Warrior- Found at the end of the Lev36 ZH Followers area, the large structure near the Kingdom County Portal, also Outside of each Factions Cave. 
Looks like a giant red ox warrior.
Ox Warrior - Found in the center area between each factions caves, and just before the giant structure near the kingdom county portal
Looks like a giant blue ox warrior.

Level 51 Black Scorpion :
Outside Dungeon of SungHwa Near the main entrance to the temple.
From the Entrance of SungHwa Dungeon (Still on the Ochun Map), head west, then south, and theres a little spot with some Scimitar Kings.
Head north of Ochun Castle, headed towards Ancient Tomb, and you can find him along the path BEFORE you hit the construction crater.
Looks like a Big Black Scorpion

Level 51 Universal Wolf
Graveyard Level 1: Ignore the teleporter ring and head left, make a right. When u get to the large circular area, he chills off to the right.
If you continue and follow the path beyond the circular platform to the right, he spawns at the very end of that path as well. 
Looks like a White Wolf with squared shoulders and an extended snout

Level 60 Earth Wolf  : 
See Universal Wolf. Same thing, except he's on Floor 2! Also brown!

Level 60 Black Ox
Every single dead end beyond the rest stop in the SungHwa Dungeon.
Looks like a giant black ox warrior

Level 75 Asura Statue
Found in the same spots as the Black ox warrior, except in Ancient temple Lev.1
Looks like a orange and blue, multi-armed goddess with a different weapon in each hand

Level 81 Earth King Statue
Head to Dead Valley *North from SungHwa Village*
Found at the back of the temple
Looks like a giant red and orange warrior.

Level 88 Killer Bird
As soon as u enter the 2nd floor of Ancient Tomb, keep making left turns when able, youll find this guy at the end of the path.
Looks like a slightly larger version of the birds nearby, with a noticeable black and yellow accent.

Level 91 Warrior Monster
Found at the end of the Ancient Tomb Lev2 Dungeon. 
Looks like a warrior in rags and shackles.

Level 93 White She-Ghost
This boss will spawn nearby after you've killed Warrior Monster.
Looks like an ethereal female specter.

---Caution---|This is where the bosses start using a strong single-target ability|---Caution---

Level 125 Temple Founder
Found inside the Shadow Temple in Tibet.
Looks like a floating buddhist monk with a long beard, and a halo around him.

Level 135 She Demon B.Young:
Found near several spots around the large domed shrine in ancient tomb 3.
Looks like a white female in black clothing
Also she applies a "Stun" Debuff that lasts for 8 seconds and is used every 4 seconds, so make sure you bring Antidote Water!

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