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The 25 Days of Christmas
[Image: vp3.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Tis' the season, and what better way to celebrate than to have some festive fun?

Twas a chilly night in the North Pole, and the elves worked around the clock to manufacture the gifts to be delivered to people all over the world.
One elf thought he heard a loud noise, but figured it was just a machine malfunction.
The reality is that there indeed was a break-in at the North Pole and many gifts were stolen. (Poor elf, I hope he doesn't lose his job!)

These gifts have somehow made it into the hands of unsavory types all over the world, and it's up to you to reclaim them!
Each day leading up to Christmas, as the elves slave to recover their loss, the rate of presents will grow and grow.

Furthermore, I hear Santa will still be coming to visit those on his nice list.
Keep an eye out for him on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, who knows what surprises he may bring!

Happy Holidays!
Kind Regards, the BMH Team

#2017-12-07 Update:

- Added functionality of removing buffs (click at the buff),
- fixed GUNG Guild join crash,
- fixed GUNG Guild leave class change,
- added /unequipall command (places all your equipments into the inventory),
- changed the timeout delay (30s -> 40s).

#2017-12-09 Update:

- Fixed the "No text on the dialogue" problem (Windows 10),
- changed the Screenshot system, which caused crashes on the gameplay itself,
- rest of the logs are at the BugTracker.
Snowmen, everyone.
The answer is Snowmen.
Garona CritBowSin
OverfedLeeSin Upgrader.

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