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Full Version: Boss locations / guide
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Lets start from the beginning :

Lvl 18 Hwangbang : Around the brown / red spiky platue from Ruined V. to Ruined V. Mine,
Near the beach both sides Ruined V. side and past the Ruined V. Graveyard.

Lvl 28 boss : Around Ilsin Temple (Near Bokho) Most i've ever seen around there are 5.

Lvl 36 boss :  Ox boss creature when you walk from Guryong through the dessert to VV, West from Guryong graveyard mine you'll find white bushes you can walk through.

Lvl 40 Red Ox / Blue Ox : 1. Between Nature Cave, Deep Cave and Guryong V. in the middle of the part of the desert before the stone bridge,
2 . The tower in the part of desert past the stone bridge.

Lvl 51 Black Scorpion : 1. Upstairs, Right side outside "Dungeon of SungHwa",
2. Between outside ""Dungeon of SungHwa" and Thickly Valley Medical plant.

Lvl 51 boss : Graveyard 1 (ignore the teleporter you find on your way just walk straight to the end)
Lvl 60 Black Ox : Inside SungHwa Dungeon past Rest Spot (multiple locations).

Lvl 60 Earth Wolf   : Graveyard 2 at the end.

Lvl 75 Asura : Inside Ancient Tomb 1, Past rest spot (This map might look familiar and yes.. The boss spawns in the same corners as 60)

Lvl 81 Earth King Statue : Dead Valley near the castle (sometimes front, Sometimes all the way to the back)

Lvl 88 Killer Bird : Search for the red birds in the lava part of Ancient Tomb 2 (fastest way AT 2nd Trans Room)

Lvl 91 Warrior Monster : Just go to the end of Ancient Tomb 2, At the entrance of Ancient tomb 3 you'll find it.

Lvl 93 White She Ghost : This boss will spawn after you killed Warrior Monster.

Lvl 105 boss : Past rest (neutral zone), Lvl 72 scorpions, Lvl 80 scorpions, Past 80 scorpions at the green grassy end part and right when you're facing the bridge to the green part.

Lvl 125 Lizard boss : Sky Mountain Alley (up to 4)
Note : There is also a fake boss of these running around.

Lvl 127 Chaos mage boss : The highest plateau of Shadow Temple.
Note : There is also a fake boss of these running around.

 Lvl 125 Brown snake arm boss : Ancient tomb 3 (the final alley to Mausoleum)

Lvl 127 Green snake arm boss : Ancient tomb 3 ( Also final alley to Mausoleum)

Lvl 130 Lizard boss : Between Blood Castle and Tarim Basin.
Note : There is also a fake boss of there running around.

Lvl 135 She Demon : The end of Ancient Tomb 3, The Mausoleum itself.

 Lvl 140 boss : Blood Castle, Right where it says "Blood Castle" on your map.

Lvl 146 Fire Mage : North from "Northern West Alley".

P.S. Almost all of these bosses are also to find in Red Castle / Mid Castle starting from 75.

Here are also some screen shots with the boss locations, Props @Siniroth Heart Big Grin

I might have forget some but this post will be updated,

Feedback will also be appreciated.