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Full Version: Tablets (uncompleted)
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Give link for exorcism and mobs.

120 tablet is Turtle and dunno yet for 144

for Bags
Lvl 24-144 tablets and bags (12 lvls increment):

Dual-Rites Tablet(Moon)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Hill)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Sea)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Rock)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Pine)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Sun)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Clouds)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Grass)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Turtle)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Crane)
Dual-Rites Tablet(Deer)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Moon)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Hill)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Sea)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Rock)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Pine)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Sun)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Clouds)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Grass)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Turtle)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Crane)
Tri-Gifts Tablet(Deer)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Moon)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Hill)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Sea)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Rock)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Pine)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Sun)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Clouds)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Grass)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Turtle)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Crane)
Quad-Forms Tablet(Deer)
Five-Ways Tablet(Hill)
Five-Ways Tablet(Sea)
Five-Ways Tablet(Rock)
Five-Ways Tablet(Pine)
Five-Ways Tablet(Sun)
Five-Ways Tablet(Clouds)
Five-Ways Tablet(Grass)
Five-Ways Tablet(Turtle)
Five-Ways Tablet(Crane)
Five-Ways Tablet(Deer)
Golden Pine Bag(Rat)
Golden Pine Bag(Bull)
Golden Pine Bag(Tiger)
Golden Pine Bag(Rabbit)
Golden Pine Bag(Dragon)
Golden Pine Bag(Snake)
Golden Pine Bag(Horse)
Golden Pine Bag(Sheep)
Golden Pine Bag(Monkey)
Golden Pine Bag(Rooster)
Golden Pine Bag(Dog)
Burning-Steel Bag(Rat)
Burning-Steel Bag(Bull)
Burning-Steel Bag(Tiger)
Burning-Steel Bag(Rabbit)
Burning-Steel Bag(Dragon)
Burning-Steel Bag(Snake)
Burning-Steel Bag(Horse)
Burning-Steel Bag(Sheep)
Burning-Steel Bag(Monkey)
Burning-Steel Bag(Rooster)
Burning-Steel Bag(Dog)
Hundred Days Bag(Rat)
Hundred Days Bag(Bull)
Hundred Days Bag(Tiger)
Hundred Days Bag(Rabbit)
Hundred Days Bag(Dragon)
Hundred Days Bag(Snake)
Hundred Days Bag(Horse)
Hundred Days Bag(Sheep)
Hundred Days Bag(Monkey)
Hundred Days Bag(Rooster)
Hundred Days Bag(Dog)

Keep in mind that at this time 144 bags and tablets aren't in drop tables and will be added afterwards.
Updated the Tablets on MartialHeroesDatabase.
Thanks for the Infos