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Originally asked by Miniclips:

"Might be a bit extensive to ask, but something like a quick guide which skills you should get and which not? For example I'm a wheel monk atm but I can't remember which skills I should take, I'm only learning the powerful dash skills and the buffs since that is the only thing I can remember."

Each class has 3 different kinds of weapon and according to your style you must pick up a right one

3 weapons can determine which one can suit you better, right now I'm talking about PVP/AOE. Since we need to farm and level up at the same time each weapon has AOE and PVP, but we actually never use AOE and PVP together (mostly). In most of cases we pick up a PVP character which we support with the best DMG skills and good Common ones and the other character we create as an AOE one to farm.

According to your style whether you want to be a PVP or AOE  I can recommend the following:

Warrior - Scimitar (PVP) , Lance (PVP/AOE) , Axe (AOE)
Assasin - Dagger (PVP) , Gauntlet (PVP), Bow (AOE)
Monk - Wheel (PVP) , Plummet (PVP/AOE , Rod (AOE)
Mage - Glove (PVP) , Fan (PVP/AOE) , Sword (PVP)

Warrior - Possessing a good attack and HP it can become a very good character when it comes to both - PVP/AOE styles if you support him with everything you can. However warrior doesn't have a distance so you have to consider getting him HP Increasing,HP regeneration and Defense Success rate buff. Those common skills are beneficial for all weapons and you should have them without a doubt. Scimitar is the most common PVP weapon for a Warrior , which has the highest DMG on Page 2 (Evil only) it's a very good weapon if you're going for 1vs1 situations but since it doesn't have a range you need to be very careful. Lance is the second best PVP weapon for a warrior which has a better range but lower DMG compared to Scimitar so it generally has a distance advantage only. Axe is a true AOE weapon for a warrior , it has good DMG and can affect many targets but unfortunately it doesn't have a range which is beneficial for each AOE character , more likely you need to be AOE Axe farmer when you have a decent defense and HP

Assassin - Gifted with good critical damage and range assassin is one of the best choices for both PVP and AOE. However it has low HP/MP and isn't good in defense , so you need to possess everything best in order to make her the best characters. Since assassin is weak in defense all thats left is her brute power when it comes to Critical Strikes.There are mostly 3 common skills that you need to learn when playing on that character , it doesn't matter whether you're fully into PVP or AOE you need to have Distance,Critical Chance (Finish blow success rate),Critical Damage (Finish blow Attack) common skills. Dagger and Gauntlet both are very powerful in 1vs1 PVP/AOE situations since they have a good attack and critical chance (The only weapons which increases a critical strike chance when using Page 2 skills).Bow is one of the most perfect AOE weapons which has one of the best AOE skills. Combining with the common skills mentioned above assassin becomes very productive in farming and PVE AOE leveling , when wielding this weapon you obtain the best possible distance in game since weapon naturally increases your range. When it comes to buffs you need to have several always , for Dagger/Gauntlet you need Hiding Skill which increases your Critical Damage/Critical Chance as well and dont forget to learn Damage Absorption on Page 2 which is available for both factions but in a different order - Lawful has damage absorption skill on Dagger only , Evil has damage absorption on Gauntlet.

Monk - Charged with one of the best defensive and healing skills monk is arguably the best in that cases. Possessing low HP and short distance this character needs to be combined with good set in order to increase HP and Defense. Monk is the best supporter for your team so you can always count on his help , it's the only character that can buff you to increase your stats, the only character that can revive you and heal you as well.Monk doesn't have much of a choice in common skills so you need to learn Critical/Defensive common skills . Monk's best PVP weapon is considered to be the Wheel which has quite good damage but has a very long cooldown. Rod was designed specifically for AOE purposes so it's one of the best weapons to Farm and AOE Level Up, has quite good range for farming but still you need to use hit and run strategy unless your defense is decent enough. Moving on to Plummet , it's the best supportive weapon in game which has only 1 sole purpose - help your teammates and give them a boost , this weapon has the best initial distance for monk and is quite good for both - PVP and AOE. When it comes to Buffs you need to have HP and Defense Succes Rate Increasing Buffs without a doubt on any weapon for monk , Atk buff is optional since you need many skill points on the other skills , but if you have enough - I recommend learning them.

Mage - Mage is the most balanced characters in game and is very productive in both AOE and PVP. Possesing good HP,Distance,Atk and Defence this character has conquered the Martial Heroes. Possessing good attributes you can learn many common skills but there are mainly two that I'd recommend you to learn , these are - HP & Defense/Distance increasing common skills , there's also Mana Increasing skill but you may learn it after completing your skill build first. Glove is for pure PVP which has very good damage and good range , doesn't have long cooldowns so I greatly recommend getting this weapon if you're into PVP. Fan is the best AOE/Distance weapon you can have on this character , his PVP is normal enough but only when you have no choice but learn them (If you want PVP go pick up a glove) it has the best distance and I'd recommend going for AOE only when picking up this weapon , It's also very effective against hiding Assassins since Fan possess a skill which can unhide them. Sword is a close combat weapon which is good for PVP , but since it's not as powerful as Glove in PVP and not even close to Fan in AOE , it's considered to be the most useless weapons , but it takes one advantage over Glove in PVP since it has 4 PVP skills unlike Glove which has 3 of them.

                                                               -----RECOMMENDED SKILLS FOR EACH CHARACTER-----
                                                                                                     PAGE I

Assasin Dagger (PVP) - Secret Weapon Throwing , Fatal Stabbing , Hiding Skill.
Assasin Gauntlet (PVP) Jumping Attack , Consecutive Shadow Attack , Hiding Skill.
Assasin Bow (AOE) - Multiple Arrow Attack , Penetration Attack.

Warrior Scimitar (PVP) - Powerful Attack , Consecutive Sword Attack.
Warrior Lance (PVP) - Taunt Attack , Dash Attack.
Warrior Lance (AOE) - Spinning Lance Attack , Lance-Cutting Attack.
Warrior Axe (AOE) - Spinning Axe Attack , Twister Attack.

Mage Glove (PVP) - Fist Wind , Poison Attack , Mana-Taking Fatal Attack
Mage Glove Sword (PVP) - Consecutive Magic Attack , Five Element Attack , Taegeuk Attack.
Mage Fan (AOE) - Fan Wind Attack , Wheel Throwing Skill , Hailstone Attack.

Monk Wheel (PVP) - Powerful Dash Attack , King Buddong , Protection Shield , Self Healing (Optional).
Monk Rod (AOE) - Spinning Rod Attack , Meteor Attack , Party Shield , Protection Shield.
Monk Plummet (PVP) - GW Recovery Upgrade , Sleeping Skills.
Monk Plummet (Support) - Healing Skill , Resuscitation Skill , Party Heal , Defense Weakling , Stunning Skill.


                                                            ----------RECOMMENDED SKILLS FOR EACH CHARACTER---------------
                                                                                                        PAGE II

Evil Assassin Dagger (PVP) - Powerful Strike , Demon Slash , Bat Energy.
Evil Assassin Gauntlet (PVP) - Hydra Claw , Guarding Soul , Ice Remnant.
Evil Assassin Bow (AOE) - Power Arrow , Hypnotic Arrow.

Lawful Assassin Dagger (PVP) - Tornado , Shield Defense , Flying Dagger.
Lawful Assassin Gauntlet (PVP) - Flying Eagle , Hawk Claw , Solar.
Lawful Assassin Bow (AOE) - Mixed Arrow , Single Shot Arrow.

Evil Mage Glove (PVP) - Malicious Hand , Vampire Palm , Bloody Wave Palm.
Evil Mage Fan (AOE) - Explosive Fan Attack , Heat Fan Attack.
Evil Mage Fan (PVP) - Assimilation Energy , Eternal Fan , Soul Summoning , Flame Sword.
Evil Mage Sword (PVP) - Shade Sword , Sakura Sword , Yama Attack , Face Close Attack.

Lawful Mage Glove (PVP) - Thunder Storm , Flower Balance ,  Falls Palm.
Lawful Mage Fan (AOE) - Wind Attack , Thunder Ball.
Lawful Mage Fan (PVP) - Silver Dance , Seven Star , Natural Energy , Suppress Darkness.
Lawful Mage Sword (PVP) - Lightning Sword , Six Sword , Taichi Sword , Evil bar.

Evil Warrior Scimitar (PVP) - Fearless Sword , Melting Soul Sword , Night Shadow.
Evil Warrior Lance (PVP) - Seizes Spear , Stable Mind , Blood Light.
Evil Warrior Lance (AOE) - Mad Axe Attack , Evil Summon.
Evil Warrior Axe (AOE) - Blood , Virtual.

Lawful Warrior Scimitar (PVP) - Swift Sword , Green Grand Sword , Golden Ring.
Lawful Warrior Lance (PVP) - Thunder Spear , Ice Berg , Slow Spear.
Lawful Warrior Lance (AOE) - Holy Spear , Hasty Spear.
Lawful Warrior Axe (AOE) - Viking Axe , Tiger Axe.

Evil Monk Wheel (PVP) - Spinning Wheel , Devil Spirit Summon , Spinning WheelRegenerate Energy.
Evil Monk Rod (AOE) - Mad Demon Attack , Lord Staff Attack , Free Movement.
Evil Monk Plummet (PVP) - Wave Maul , Yin Supression , Illusion Summon.
Evil monk Plummet (AOE) - Multiple Wheel , Nightmare Supression , Yin Supression lvl 1 , Illusion Summon.

Lawful Monk Wheel (PVP) - Unicorn Attack , Dancing Wheel , Healing.
Lawful Monk Rod (AOE) - Seize The Dragon , Shinning Star , Holy Energy lvl 1.
Lawful Monk Plummet (PVP) - Haze Rain Attack , Sky Energy , Melting Wave.
Lawful Monk Plummet (AOE) - Lohan Staff , Saint Soul , Melting Wave , Sky Energy.

                                                       ---------RECOMMENDED COMMON SKILLS FOR EACH CLASS----------

Warrior - Jinsa Life Max Upgrade , IY Healing Speed Upgrade.
Assassin - Shadow Finish Blow Upgrade , Shadowless Arrow Attack , HW Finish Blow Upgrade.
Monk - YS Mana Max Upgrade ,  GG Finish Blow Upgrade , IR Mana Recovery Upgrade (Optional)
Mage - Nerve\Muscle Upgrade , Attack Distance Increase , SW Mana Upgrade (Optional)

Follow this thread and post which guide would you like me to make
Very nice, thank you so much for this shockwave!
(03-03-2016, 02:02 PM)Miniclips Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice, thank you so much for this shockwave!

Appreciate  Smile
What can you recommend for a new player who has problem decide to pick a class?? I just wondered who should I play but what I have done it is only to get 40/50 lvl each class and still don't know who should I play. Can you help me to decide?? I have read your article but I am confused and still know nothing... Sad Sorry for taking your time.
(01-11-2017, 12:32 AM)Saiko2 Wrote: [ -> ]What can you recommend for a new player who has problem decide to pick a class?? I just wondered who should I play but what I have done it is only to get 40/50 lvl each class and still don't know who should I play. Can you help me to decide?? I have read your article but I am confused and still know nothing... Sad Sorry for taking your time.

Depends on what you wanna be good at , some people wanna rule PVP , some wanna level faster , some prefer HP over MP or Attack over Def. It's all up to you
(01-11-2017, 12:32 AM)Saiko2 Wrote: [ -> ]What can you recommend for a new player who has problem decide to pick a class?? I just wondered who should I play but what I have done it is only to get 40/50 lvl each class and still don't know who should I play. Can you help me to decide?? I have read your article but I am confused and still know nothing... Sad Sorry for taking your time.

At that lvl is hard to decide what is best for you. Every class is good, but it depends on how you want to play. Let's say you want to be an assassin: they have insane critical rate, huge whites and greens dmg (and this without the GO pots), but have low def and hp. So in order for you to be able survive, you have to dodge a lot the in potential damage from mobs - you have to do a lot of hit and run (like in this clip made by me 1000 years ago lol - not the best available since that server had huge delay between skills.. but you get the idea). If you don't like the idea to run around all the time.. then sins are not good for you. Mages ave nice hp and range, but they are pretty fix and after all can't take too many mobs at a time, but have nice stun skills. Monks are very good with there buffs and revive, an asset in parties, good in pretty much everything, but low range. They are also the best upgraders. Warriors have huge hp and good def, but no range, not very good in AOE, but best if you don't want to move much and tank everything Big Grin, good boss hunters. 

Also, on this server there are too many assassins.. maybe this gives you a hint.. if you want to fallow the herd.
Nice one, thx. Smile
I wanted to play PvP, but my friend told me that it doesn't worth it. I like to fight 1vs1 just to see who is better for NOW Smile . It's rly hard for me since you wrote that there is SOMETHING more then just PvP/PvE. I don't have any experience, but I've played 6y ago and only I had Warrior lvl 48 I think, but I can be wrong. I'm playing alone so I may have problem with lvling in PT. Which class is the easiest? I heard that Warrior is good in PvP but have problem with exp. Shockwave Monk was your first class when you started to play? What did help you to make a choice? I think that my first char should be for lvling and then I'll do a PvP char after I learn more about this game Wink . I hope you understand what I wrote :/ .
Well pvp is tough for leveling no matter what class you are, aoe is for leveling, and axe warriors have strong aoe just no range. The same character used for leveling can be used for pvp later.

The easiest class is by far either assassins or mage
mage easy, yes, but assassin.. you need to know a bit how to play it in order to be easy.
Thank you guys! You helped me so much I appreciate it a lot. Smile Wink
This is great to have another player who is NOT biased. You are really helpful. Thanks! Wink Big Grin
What did you end up going with? Tongue