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[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Position name is different according to guild size.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Position name is same in Lawful/Evil/Mado/Guild.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Guild authorization to MUN Members is different according to position.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Character that has entered guild will get same basic position as in MUN Member.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Only MUN Master can give position to MUN Members.

[Image: mGmiMUE4jPphrIKq]
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] MUN Master clicks "Ctrl+ Left mouse button" and ‘character pop up window’ shows.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Click "Set position’ in character pop up window.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Give MUN Member position with the method shown above.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Click "confirm” in “set a position” window and confirm.

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[Image: gL1GQuR.png]
[Image: Ct6KAbQmAuGQeUOU]
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Can not give position in WHE/BANG level.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] PA, MUN, MANG, DAN, GAK, KYO, GUNG can change basic position name.

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[Image: hwKjFdAYConm6iGF]
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] You need to have basic Contribution can be obtained through guild war or guild donation to give MUN Member’s position.
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] Contribution can be obtained through guild war or guild donation.

(Killing other MUN Member during guild war can obtain contribution)
(When killed in war, you might lose contribution)
[Image: NysoKvx8aM6etysl] When you want to change guild master, MUN Master will get very high contribution. [Image: spacer.gif]

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[Image: ZM4bEMiuoKFcXsXY]
To get position, gold is needed according to below (Unit : Gold)
[Image: H1cBR9G.png]

[Image: SXgjQPKvIf4CiAGk]
Basic rules for authorization according to position

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