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Full Version: [2017-07-21] Event Update
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Greetings Heroes

We haven't really given any updates for the last few months, and we apologize for that. 
We've all been quite busy with our own personal lives.
As for current information, we've started an EXP event which is set to 150%, and a star rate event which is set to 200%.

That's everything for now, stay tuned for more updates.

Kind Regards, the BMH Team
Awesome, Thanks
Check out guys the XP went down maybe a problem to Server ??

From yesterday fixes/addons:

- Fixed stackable exp from the herb potions,
- Added HP/MP regeneration (mainly Warrior common skill),
- Added Meditation's skill functionality.

Till 10pm, there's an 300% EXP event.

Kind Regards.

Till 10:00 PM 2017-07-26, there's an 400% Star Rate event!

Kind Regards.

The 150% exp event and 200% star rate is over?so hard to lvl up.